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Convergence of Telcos & IT January 17, 2010

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The convergence of Telco and Information Technology. For some reason the convergence is not an recognized as an obvious trend. I first saw this notion in a research study by IDC. The research indicated an intersection of the two industries and hence opportunities. As a person on main street (nice terms for Not a Pundit) I see that my telco has added new services such as Satellite TV. One identifier I have seen for such telcos is CSP ( Content Service providers).  Last week I saw another article about Telstra the Australian Telco which reinforced the notion of convergence  (http://www.billingworld.com/articles/telstra-integration-on-demand-smb-market.html)

I was at the Management World conference in Orlando in 2008. Although one of the keynote speeches did go into Amazon’s cloud services and intrduced Web 2.0 services to attendees, the average attendee did not see how online services were related to the services telcos offered. A very knowledgebale senior technical staffer even asked what “SaaS” was, and admitted that he had just heard about “Salesforce.com”.



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